Gross Revenue vs Net Revenue: An Explainer

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Brex Treasury is not a bank nor an investment adviser and your Brex Cash account is not an FDIC-insured bank account. Gross profits and net profits may seem similar at a glance, but the two provide very different information that can be used for a number of things. To help you get the most out of your business , let’s take a look at gross and net profits.

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Pool Corp (POOL) Q1 Earnings Miss Estimates, Decline Y/Y.

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By calculating it regularly, you can identify inefficiencies in your operations and opportunities to reduce costs and improve operating margins. Net Sales is a vital component of understanding your business’ financial performance and realities. Net sales and cost of goods are prime indicators of profitability and efficiency of the company. It’s not enough to understand whether you are making a profit or not.

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When a discount is applied, the price of the product is reduced, usually by a percentage of the original price. Gross sales amount may not reflect an accurate picture of an entity’s actual sales, whereas net sales amount reflects an accurate picture of the actual sales made by an entity. Gross sales amount does not depend on net sales while the latter depends on the former since it can only be calculated after the ascertainment of the former amount. The dollar value adjustment for returns is $100,000, which we calculated by multiplying the number of returns by the average order value .

A company’s net sales and gross sales information through the use of an income statement. To calculate your net sales figure or net income, you have to know all the sales deductions that you need to make along with your total calculated gross sales. To calculate net revenue, the company should make deductions to account for the cost of goods sold, the cost of damaged items, discounts applied, and returned goods. In short, gross revenue is the earnings of a business before the deduction of expenses related to producing that good or service.


Higher gross revenue signals that consumers are interested in and willing to buy your product . Your gross revenue would be your price times the total number of shoes sold, or $1.2m. From there, you can calculate net revenue by subtracting the value of the returned shoes. The formula works similarly for service businesses, but you calculate revenue using the number of customers instead of products sold. In accounting terminology, an obligor is a company or individual who is responsible for the provision of a saleable product or service. The designation of a primary obligor is crucial to revenue reporting.

Net Sales vs. Gross Sales

As opposed to the notes receivable sales figure, net sales is the total amount after discounts, returns and damaged goods are removed. When these are taken away, what’s left is your net sales for a given period. Accounting for net sales can make it easier to determine other financial health KPIs. Net sales depend on the gross sales as the net sales figure is derived after adjusting the value of returns, discounts, and the allowances of the period from the value of the gross sales. On the other side, gross sales are a value derived when the number of units sold during the period is multiplied by the price at which the units are sold, which is not dependent on the net sales value.

Also referred to as Net Revenue, Net Sales is found in the Revenue portion of the Income Statement. Net Sales lives in the top section of the Income Statement—a metric that takes some adjustments into account, but not all. Most notably, expenses are not taken out in the Net Sales calculation. You should look at up-to-date profit information to get the most out of your financial analysis.

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Net income is the profit left after deducting total business expenses from gross income. Net revenue is gross revenue, minus any cancellations, returns, discounts and taxes. Based on the above, it can be seen that Apple’s net income is lower than its total revenue.

How can my company improve net sales?

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So, if you sold 200 units in Q1 and the unit price is $40, your gross sales revenue is $8,000 for that quarter. A good place to start is to understand your total sales and revenue, which involves keeping tabs on gross sales and net sales. If you look at the reason behind the refunds, maybe you will see that you are not marketing to the right customer. Moreover, customer reviews and feedback can provide valuable insight into what you are doing wrong. To find the gross margin, you simply deduct the cost of goods sold from the net revenue or net sales.

If that’s the case, you’ll be able to see whether there are any opportunities to improve the manufacturing, quality control, delivery and other sales processes to reduce the number of returns. Your gross sales might look great, but if your business is getting a lot of returns, your net sales will show it. Offering a shorter time frame to make the early payment can reduce the number of people that use it.

Gross sales vs. net sales: Key differences explained

When you compare the two quarters, you can see that you earned $200k more by offering a discount, even if it meant lower prices and more returns. You sold a total of 15k shoes that quarter, but 3k of them were discounted. Additionally, 200 full-price shoes were returned, and 100 discounted shoes were returned. Say the same store ran a 30% discount the next quarter to increase its sales volume. In this case, Company B is not the primary obligor and likely reports any revenue as net.

When calculating net income, net revenue reporting offers a better and clearer picture and could tell a slightly different story. Net sales refers to the total amount of sales made by a business within a specific period after sales returns, discounts, and sales allowances are deducted. The term revenue denotes the overall amount generated by an organization from the sales of goods or services.

Gross vs. Net Revenue Calculator – Excel Template

If you can track your gross and net sales, you already have one key performance indicator covered. It provides you with an accurate measure of how your sales team actually performs. There are two common metrics that are used to calculate a company’s revenue, namely, Gross sales and net sales. As a sales manager, it is normal for you to be fixated on your company’s revenue. Instead, you’re focused on helping your team connect with clients, close deals, and increase your business earnings.

March Net Tax Revenues Decline 3% Georgia Department of … – Georgia Department of Revenue

March Net Tax Revenues Decline 3% Georgia Department of ….

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The company’s gross sales are calculated by multiplying the number of units sold during the period by the selling price per unit. A seller will debit a sales discounts contra-account to revenue and credit assets. The journal entry then lowers the gross revenue on the income statement by the amount of the discount.

They give the disgruntled customers a partial refund of 30 percent off the initial price to keep their business. The collective allowance amount comes to $3,500, bringing down the total revenue to $121,500. For sales teams, the biggest concern is if products are returned because they don’t meet the buyer’s requirements.

We acquire the net revenue value by deducting sales returns, allowances, and discounts from the gross amount. For the calculation of the gross sales, the number of units sold during the period is multiplied by the selling price per unit. On the other side, the company’s net sales are calculated by subtracting the value of returns, discounts, and the allowances of the period from the value of the gross sales of that period.

Knowing how to calculate net sales is one of the first steps to creating an accurate income statement for your business. To calculate the store’s net sales, we remove these three sets of deductions from the $5,000 total sales revenue. Here’s a case where gross revenue may be trending upward, but net revenue may be decreasing.

  • To help you get the most out of your business , let’s take a look at gross and net profits.
  • Zendesk automates the measurement of sales metrics so you can focus on keeping your top and bottom lines strong.
  • Retailers, for example, typically used sales formula like Cost of Sales, while manufacturers are more apt to use Cost of Goods Sold.
  • Using both gross and net sales, you can understand how well your sales team is performing and how they can sell better.
  • When net sales are externally reported, they are mentioned in the “direct costs” portion of the statement.

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